SolaX Battery Storage

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  1. SolaX TP-HS50E 5.1kWh Battery Module for IES All-in-One Solution HS50E-BAT

    Product Code: HS50E-BAT

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £1,360.80 £1,134.00
  2. SolaX Battery Management System for SOLAX IES Integrated Storage System - MCS0800E

    Product Code: MCS0800E

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £629.76 £524.80
  3. SolaX T-BAT HS 3.6KWH LFP Battery - T-BAT-SYS-HV-S3.6

    Product Code: T-BAT-SYS-HV-S3.6

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £1,380.00 £1,150.00
  4. Solax Battery Management Unit for HV-S3.6 Battery - TBMS-MCS0800

    Product Code: TBMS-MCS0800

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £514.80 £429.00
  5. SolaX 5.8kWh Slave Battery LiFePO4 - HV11550

    Product Code: Triple Power 5.8KWH SLAVE

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £2,088.39 £1,740.32
  6. SolaX Triple Power 5.8kWh LiFePO4 (LFP) Battery Management Unit (BMU) - T-BAT H 5.8

    Product Code: Triple Power 5.8KWH MASTER

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £2,535.48 £2,112.90
  7. SolaX 3.0kW AC Charger (No Emergency Power Supply (EPS)) - X1-AC-3.0 CHARGER

    Product Code: X1-AC-3.0 CHARGER

    Delivery Estimate:

    Please contact us for ETA

    £658.80 £549.00
  8. SolaX Triple Power X-ESS 3.0kWh LiFePo4 (LFP) Battery - HV10230

    Product Code: Triple Power X-ESS 3.0KWH

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £1,147.61 £956.34
  9. SolaX Triple Power 3.0kWh Battery Management Unit (BMU) - MC0600

    Product Code: Triple Power X-ESS BMU 3.0

    Delivery Estimate:

    Available from 1 - 2 Days

    £302.40 £252.00
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Solax Battery Storage Solutions at Green2Go

Green2Go is delighted to feature Solax Battery Storage solutions, a beacon of innovation in energy storage and management. Solax offers a diverse range of battery storage units designed to meet various energy needs, ensuring that every home and business can find a solution that perfectly fits their requirements.

Explore the Range of Solax Battery Storage Units

Solax Triple Power Battery: Revolutionise your energy consumption with the Solax Triple Power Battery. Available in multiple capacities, these batteries are known for their scalability and high performance, allowing you to expand your system as your energy needs grow.

Solax Battery Management Units: At the core of Solax's cutting-edge energy solutions are the Solax Battery Management Units (BMUs). These intelligent devices are designed to optimise the performance and longevity of your battery storage system. They ensure that each battery cell operates within its optimal parameters, balancing the charge and discharge processes to maximise efficiency and extend the life of your batteries. The Solax BMUs are essential for maintaining the health of your battery system, providing real-time monitoring and management to keep your energy storage solution running smoothly.

Solax AC Charger: For those looking to add battery storage to an existing solar PV system, the Solax AC Charger is the ideal solution. It allows for easy integration with any solar setup, enabling you to store surplus energy without the need for replacing your current inverter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solax Battery Storage

What are the benefits of installing Solax Battery Storage?

Solax Battery Storage solutions offer numerous benefits, including increased energy independence, reduced electricity bills, and enhanced reliability during power outages. Their advanced technology also ensures optimal use of solar energy, improving overall efficiency.

Can Solax Battery Storage be scaled to meet future energy needs?

Absolutely. One of the key advantages of Solax Battery Storage is its scalability. Systems like the Solax Triple Power Battery can be expanded with additional units to increase storage capacity, ensuring your system grows with your energy requirements.

How does the Solax X-Hybrid Inverter enhance my solar energy system?

The Solax X-Hybrid Inverter acts as the brain of your energy storage system, intelligently managing the flow of electricity from your solar panels, battery storage, and the grid. It optimises energy consumption and storage, ensuring maximum efficiency and savings.

Is it possible to retrofit Solax Battery Storage to an existing solar system?

Yes, with the Solax AC Charger, you can easily add battery storage to your existing solar PV system. This flexibility allows you to upgrade your energy setup without the need to replace your current inverter.

Place your order today and step into the green energy revolution with Green2Go. Shop our trusted and efficient storage solutions, tailored to fit your unique needs. If you need assistance or have questions about our products, don't hesitate to call our team at 01424 231585.