BirdBlocker - Protects Solar Panels

BirdBlocker, a pioneering brand with a mission to revolutionise the solar panel industry, was founded by the experienced developer Paul van der Ven. With two decades of expertise in the solar panel industry, Paul witnessed firsthand the numerous challenges posed by avian intrusions. As he delved deeper into the issue, he recognised the extent of damage caused by birds and the adverse impact on animal welfare. It was this realisation that gave birth to the idea of BirdBlocker.

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 BirdBlocker Pre-Clipped Packs

BirdBlocker stands as a robust plastic strip meticulously designed to be installed beneath your solar panels. This ingenious strip features fine needles or fingers that snugly conform to your roof, effectively blocking any bird's attempt to nest beneath the solar panel.

These needles are interconnected to ensure there's no passage for birds to slip through. Crafted from exceptionally durable materials, BirdBlocker proves nearly indestructible. The distinctive clip system not only simplifies installation but also ensures that birds cannot tamper with or loosen them. In essence, BirdBlocker offers a comprehensive, meticulously planned solution for keeping your solar panels bird-free.

  • Long-lasting product, matching the lifespan of your solar panels
  • Cleaner roof aesthetics with fewer bird droppings
  • Preserves your panel warranty without the need for screws or drills
  • Comes with a 10-year material warranty
  • Prolongs the longevity of your solar panels
  • Environmentally conscious design, fully recyclable
  • The sole UV and frost-resistant option in the market thanks to its unique material
  • Tool-free assembly made effortless by our advanced clip system
  • Supported by an extensive network of qualified technicians through our partner network

BirdBlocker Box Frame Clips

BirdBlocker is committed to providing seamless compatibility with all major solar panel systems. With decades of practical experience and rigorous testing, they've developed the top-tier solution to meet your solar panel security requirements.

Introducing the new BB-BoxClip-50s, featuring standardised heights of 30mm and 35mm, designed to accommodate the majority of panels. Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with multiple clip varieties; BirdBlocker has simplified the process for you.

BirdBlocker's clips are meticulously engineered, utilising premium rust-resistant stainless steel. Their impeccable combination of spring-like tension and gripping capabilities guarantees the steadfast security of your solar panels.


BirdBlocker Starter Kit

Streamlining the BirdBlocker installation process becomes effortless with their specially designed starter kit. Developed in collaboration with experienced BirdBlocker installers, this comprehensive system comprises high-quality tools for users' convenience. The starter kit empowers individuals to install BirdBlocker products more efficiently, with greater speed, and enhanced accuracy.


BirdBlocker Installation Tool

The BB tool, a specially engineered instrument, streamlines the BirdBlocker installation process, significantly improving speed and comfort. This tool simplifies the task of maintaining precise alignment of BirdBlocker during assembly and attaching the clips to the panel.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced strain on your fingers during assembly, thanks to the BB tool.
  • Enhanced accuracy in fitting BirdBlocker strips during installation, ensuring optimal clamping force for the clips.
  • Equipped with an effortless pull-out roller for added convenience.