Counterfeit Goods Policy


We do not, sell, advertise or condone the use of counterfeit goods. The products we sell and advertise are all purchased from trusted, accredited and reputable manufacturers and wholesalers. As such we expect our supply chain to adhere to our ethical standards in manufacturing products of the highest quality.

All products purchased from Phase Renewables are inspected by our branch staff to ensure the product is new, authentic and fully warrantable directly by the supplier. Any product deemed to be counterfeit will be seized and investigated. All products have a batch code that can be traced back to the factory of manufacture. As such, in the unlikely event that any counterfeit goods make their way through our supply chain, they can be traced and isolated by both Phase Renewables and the manufacturer.

In the event any authenticity concerns are raised with Phase Renewables we will promptly investigate and take all appropriate action to protect our customers.

Daniel Poole


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