Schletter Large Washer M10 Iso 7093-1 8 200Hv - 943000-043

Product Code: 943000-043 943000-043

Brand: Schletter

Colour: Not Assigned

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The Schletter Large Washer M10 Iso 7093-1 8 200Hv (product code: 943000-043) is a meticulously designed component that plays a crucial role in your solar mounting system. Its primary function is to provide a secure and reliable solution for distributing load evenly and enhancing the stability of connections within your solar installation.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the M10 Large Washer ensures a steadfast and uniform distribution of load, which is essential for maintaining the overall integrity and stability of your solar panel setup.

This washer is designed to conform to ISO 7093-1 standards, which means it meets rigorous criteria for load distribution and reliability when used in conjunction with compatible bolts. Its robust construction ensures that it effectively maintains the structural integrity of connections, even in the demanding conditions of solar installations.

By incorporating the Schletter Large Washer M10 into your solar mounting system, you can enhance the long-term reliability and stability of your installation, contributing to the overall success and performance of your solar panel array.

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  • Large Washer M8 (1 Piece/Screw-On Point Bottom Support)
  • Beam Kit Accessory Washer, Necessary to Complete Beam Kits
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